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Monday, August 31, 2009

A book a day

Kira-Kira means..."shining"

Winner of the 2005 Newbery Medal
A story about the things you can change, and the things you can't.

Reviews for Kira-Kira:

Kira-Kira is heartbreaking, brilliant, and might as easily be read by a 41-year-old as a 14-year-old ....in works of literature for the young, the tragic and the comic forever travel hand in hand. Kira-Kira raises this mix to a level of highest art. Boston Globe

(In Kira-Kira) Kadohata stays true to the child's viewpoint in plain, beautiful prose that can barely contain the passionate feelings....heart wrenching.
ALA Booklist Starred

It's an unforgettable story, filled with memorable characters who find hope at the end of a very long road.
San Diego Union

Kira- Kira shares with the best of young-adult literature the ability to deal with complex emotions and relationships in deceptively simple ways. It was a deserving winner of this year's Newbery award.
Houston Chronicle

suriya's comment:

Love the book cover and inside story..it's KIRA-KIRA!

Coming soon~Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway

Emily Dickens Poetry

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