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Friday, August 28, 2009

A B C of Life


each and everyone of us can talk about life.what is life to us?happy?passion?painful?irritating?bored?annoy? you name it.
people who don't get the meaning of life will surely says that LIFE IS SUCKS! no matter what other person advice to him/her.

People who understand will call it the Heaven of the world where we can do anything that we like as long as we let go all the misery and hardness that come in our life.

It's true though that living in sweetness is much much more better BUT from what i see,bitterness is necessary.

why i said that?because for me,and maybe could be all of you too out there,somewhere...Bitterness is the complement for sweet.

not all people get to live in fairytale story.

Luck come and go just like the wind.

what's goes around comes around could probably be the best idea about life.

So,to wrapped it up,cherish what you have,don't overlimit in your action, and stay smiling.

p/s : happy face leads to happy life.

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