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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Teacher Man by Frank McCourt

An excerpt from the first page that inspire me to overlook in depth about what teaching profession really about :

You think you'll walk into the classroom,stand a moment,wait for silence,watch while they open notebooks and click pens,tell them your name,write it on the board,proceed to teach.
on your desk you have the English course of study provided by the school.You'll teach spelling,vocabulary,grammar,reading comprehension,composition,literature.
you can't wait to get to the literature.You'll have lively discussions about poems,plays.essays,novels,short stories.The hands of one hundred and seventy students will quiver in the air and they'll call out,Mr McCourt,me,me,Iwanna say something.
You hope they'll want to say something.You don't want them to sit gawking while you struggle to keep a lesson alive......

people's review:

Teacher Man is a full frontal depiction of the challenge,the comedy,the frustation,the failure,the pain,the drudgery and the pure unadultered jpy of TEACHING....

Its true for the first line of the page.the routine life of an English teacher.the daily basis.But wish for the last line,an actively and lively cooperative students.

p/s :Teaching is not what you think.its about what you're doing to convey the me

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