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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting sick is Good

Seems got a Fever..AGAIN!..duhh.. feels shivering all over my body.Thinking that the antibody cannot hold cold weather or even tiny raindrops.tsk.tsk.
Hmm..never mind.the magic pill will take care of it.(PANADOL of course.)

Getting sick is actually good you know.You might think i'm crazy but it's true.Not that we want a serious illness to befall on us but just a slight cold,cough or Fever that can be cured not more than a week.From sickness,we will only appreciate the goodness of health and wish that we are healthy.Wish that we are not sick and wish it will never comes again.How i Wish....

What am i mumbling about in this early new year??hahaha..don't read if you confuse.Better get a nice nap tonight.Nite.

p/s :Someone said,if u don't want to fall sick,Jog.:)

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