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Friday, February 25, 2011

Mumbling Jumbling Word of Me

These past few days had been the hardest moment in my life.It might seems i'm doing well managing it,everything seems right for me and for others.But the truth is,life is not what we least expected.Its getting harder and harder with the limitless amount of time that i've got.Why can't i do it right this time?why all of the arrangement that i'd done neatly were not applied well in this term?and to make it worse,my mind tends to get exhausted day by day.not the body.but my mind.SERIOUSLY.it's like the energy in my brain were being sucked out by a giant vacuum.

i'll feel sleepy after 8.to regain my energy,i slept for about 1 or 2 hours(during this hour,everyone seems busy texting me or calling me.???).then get up and start doing my asgmt or whatsoever.felt much better after that.

why am i telling this?ITS NOT NORMAL for me. tsk.tsk.(-_ -)take a nap first,then wake up again.well,for others,they might says it's normal for them as they want to burn the midnight oil(correct me if i'm wrong).Study late at night after taking sleep a bit.ITS a NO for me.

If i'm going to do it..i will not sleep untill i finished what i'm supposed to do.depends on my "kerajinan".

Now i'm trying to get back on the track.doing what i'm usually do before this.Hope things will go smoothly.

Untill now, i'm ending here.people said talk less,work more.(^_^).

p/s:Miss my Mom and Dad so damn much..
pp/s :Miss my KB smile.

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