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Daisypath Friendship tickers

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

hidup saya seperti jigsaw puzzle

Minta izin utk berbicara dlm Bi.huhuhu

My life is like a puzzle,a jigsaw..sometimes it is hard to match the puzzles,but easily ruined if we had made it.scattered all over the place if something stumble upon the jigsaw..that's me..need to pick one by one to redo again.

where do i get the strenght to stand up again?

someone told me,if we want to be a happy person.make others happy..simple word..
spread the happiness..and the world would be a better place to live.

felt like crying but the tears won't come out..maybe it's not time yet..

the end.

p/s~when i'm down,KB will always stay beside me..thanks for being a good figure to me..
ps/s~Always berdoa to make my heart at ease..Aminnn..

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