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Daisypath Friendship tickers

Monday, July 6, 2009

Mengapa selalu aku yang mengalah?

This poem is dedicated to My bestfriend.Hope _ will read it.I think i'd done_ wrong.Hope _ understand and accept my apology. (try to make haiku(read wann blog's) but donno how.soo,juz try my luck.

Use to come
use to go
like touch n Go

Sometimes we hate 'em
Sometimes we love 'em
Sometimes we care 4 'em
But Most of the time we cherish them

I don't want to stab you
I REALLY didn't meant it
Why do you think like that
I'd said my apology

You seem don't understand
It hurts my feeling
when we can never speak as usual again
Do i really make a mistake this time
as for you not forgiving me?

Alright,i admit i made wrong to you
but i'd explain everything and anything
still,your heart are cold
what am i gonna do to make us friend again?

It seems we have been apart little by little
i understand that
you got ur life
i got my life
even tiny problem appears to be the biggest

I accept it now.
if its good for you.
then it's good for me.,..

i always said that you're not the "best"
gladly,i'm wrong.
You are the BEST AMONG the BEST.

so,please forgive me my friend.

p/s : Kalo ko xnk tegur aq lg xpe,aq paham..perasaan ditinggalkan memang menyakitkan.aq dah pernah rase.


  1. haahahahah..tyer plak?masalah negara.time darurat.tp dh merdeka dh.