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Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's Not Nice to be NICE

Why we have to be nice?

Sometimes when i think about it,why should we be nice to others..when some of them actually don't care less bout us.
Sometimes i always think what if i'm a bad person and do harm to others.it would be fun,don't cha think? (hehehe..hey,just a thought in a mind)
Well,let us take our cap and think for a second.What will happen if i am not being NICE :

1.I will hurt my friends by saying harsh words and talk bad(whoa,that makes me being deserted by them)
2.I will not do any assignment and submit it.
(Ermm.that'll remark my failure in exam)

3.I will not let others especially old citizens and OKU to sit in my seat on train or whatever transport.
(sue,you're such a mean person.well?)

4.I'll ignore everyone who wants to talk to me..(that's pretty not nice huh?

5.I'll object everything that someone said or do...(am i a freak?not nice enough.)

6. Lastly,i might killed someone (That's sooooo not NICE!)

See,i can't be not nice when my heart felts pity.Maybe i'm destined to be NiCe.hmmmmm..

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