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Daisypath Friendship tickers

Daisypath Friendship tickers

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

WhY dO I LiKe tHis SoNg?

Font sizeWhen I heard this song's for the first time during an event in my college,My heart felt something.Something that cannot be explained.I've never felt like this when i listen to another songs especially when it comes to Nasyid.(I'm not so into nasyid,hehehe)I'm so grateful for having to listen to this wonderful and catchy song.Usually,Nasyid interpret our faith and belief in God and what can we do to appreciate it.But this song,besides telling us about that,it also tell us about how we must appreciate FRIENDSHIP,something that people cannot uphold or used to neglect when we have bitterness in our life and we need them the most.I really really love the melody and the lyric itself.So many meanings to understand the songs.Ifyou like one song,do not just look into the surface,but take in depth of what the singer trying to says.Sebuah Pertemuan is a bit by bit relates to my past,present and maybe future,InsyaAllah.It tells how we must love our friends,family and mostly to our God.It is like and advice to me and maybe to all of you,Pertemuan is not just about who you meet,whether he/she is your friend or lovers,and you can easily become attached to it,but it's about how we can defend the relations that we started and will never disappear like a thin of dust.An advice for me to be truthful to your friend,stay with them as long as you can breathe on this earth and remember that a friend who will not grumble over something that we had done to him or someone else is a trully trully a respectful friend and we usually tend less to find one on this life.I like to describe friend because i'm used to these kind of person..Wassalam

p/s : Love your friend even they do not love you,Don't hate them even they really hate you.If they do,says this'I'll always love you untill the moon and the sun meet.(^_^)

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